In Demand is a movement that seeks to connect Black men to opportunities to become volunteers, mentors and educators.


With respect to the recent murders of our brothers and sisters, including the death of George Floyd by police, In Demand mourns and stands with our communities that live under the consistent threat of death and injustice from those who are entrusted to protect our lives and well-being.

From the legal system to the educational system, we believe that our communities will ultimately be made better by the intentional involvement and presence of Black men who have the heart, intelligence, integrity and commitment to be an answer—especially during these upended days & times.

Now more than ever, BLACK MEN, WE NEED YOU. Teach, mentor or volunteer and be a catalyst for change in your community.

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Let’s flood the schools & communities of Detroit with our intentional presence & engagement. Join In Demand as we connect Black men with opportunities to become educators, mentors & volunteers.

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Being a catalyst for change in your community starts with you. Please reach out to learn more about volunteer and mentoriship opportunities.